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Hello and welcome to the British Armed Forces News! This is an informative post to let the Community know what happened lately. This is meant to list what is new regarding the update, and the new “era” that BAF entered a while ago. Read along and let us hear your opinion! Info, verified by the Secret Intelligence Service and the Media Department of United Kingdom Government from British Armed Forces Roblox Military Roleplay.

Here are some things, that got added:

We got a fully revamped ACS system: What does that mean for us? The new ACS system is better to handle and easier to learn. Also, came with the new gun system new guns into the game. That means, that your team has maybe better tools and guns.

Added a option to raid: You can now raid the game with other civilians and criminals, by buying a gamepass in the gamepass shop. If you bought it, every civilian and criminals get a Ak 47 and a knife, with that you can raid the full base.

Added team tools: This is maybe one of the most important things, that got added. If you are in a division team or in the criminal team, you get now team tools! Till yet, you had to ask someone with commands after some tools. But not from now on! Just join your divisional team and enjoy your tools.

Parade game: With the update, we also released a new game. The BAF parade game! Within that new game, we will now host there memorial events or maybe even inspections!

Working and new Gamepasses: We got for BAF now working gamepasses, that means that if you are now going to buy a gamepass, you will also revice everything that is in the gamepass. We also got 2 brand bew car gamepasses, with that you can also explore the map, but much faster.

Removed and added buildings: In the main game, we revamped the old RMP base, and replaced it with a BRAND NEW base that is much bigger and has more place for RMP stuff. We also got a NEW Government building with a courtroom inside, so we deleted the old courthouse. The palace on the top of the hill got also updated and it got some Offices for the Overseeing Board and some rooms for training and Roleplay. The Airfield got also updated a bit and got also new fighter-planes and helicopters.

We have updated many other things, so check out the update log in our Discord server!

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News concept with newspapers

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