British Armed Forces

Who are we?

We are a small team of decided guys that had an old dream of having and running a game all by ourselves. Life brought us all together, and with dedication, patience, experience and many more, we started the Project. British Armed Forces. We have been working on the game since before October of 2022. Always trying our best, we slowly got our friends in, and doing so, more people showed up in the community. Of course, we all still have to learn a lot, and we are always an open mind, ready to learn and absorb anything useful that could improve in any way. “We had a dream, and we made it become a reality.”

How it all started?

Well, as we mentioned above, we all had a pretty similar dream, to run and own a Roblox Military Simulator Game. Afterwards, building, developing, talking and so on, we got closer and closer to each other, going trough all kinds of experiences together. Technically speaking, we all met in USSS – United States Secret Service, each one of us having different positions within the game. So does this mean USSS brought us and motivated us to make a game? I think so.

When & How?

The British Armed Forces Game Project started approximately on 20 Sept. of 2022. Although we had a period of no progress because of a bug we couldn’t fix. We built this with patience, experience, knowledge, rough times, good times, failure, much dedication, a lot of work, and many hours spent on the project. After all, the rough times and failure thought us the most lessons so far. Without it we couldn’t make BAF how it is today.


How to join any regiments/divisions?

Well, in case you ever were surprised by a cool regiment and you wanted to join it, the main ways you can enter it are:

Tryouts – The tryouts are a training to see who is capable enough to become a part of the specific regiment. The tryouts are announced in the public Discord Server of British Armed Forces Communications.

Handpicking – Another way is being handpicked, although this method is very rarely used, and the chances of being handpicked are really low, since you must be really good.

And finally, the last way to get into, are open-positions. Once a while, each regiment opens an application you can do, and in case you pass all the checks, you are in!

How to get a gun?

One of the most asked questions is how to get a gun. Well, there are multiple ways you can obtain it.

  1. Store – Right now, on 5/27/2023, the store is not in the game fully developed, but when it will be, you will be able to buy a gun depending on how much money you’ve got in game.
  2. Gamepass – You don’t know what to spend your Robux on? You have the posibility to buy a gun from the game passes of the game and raid!
  3. Regiments – By joining any regiments, you can obtain weapons ranking up.

How to become an officer?

In case you are a high enough rank in a regiment, you have the freedom to rank up and become even higher – an officer. How so? You have to attend a training hosted by the UOTC Regiment (University Officer Training Corps.) If you can pass it, you also have to do an exam. Congrats now! You got to the officer rank! Well done mate!

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