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Gun System! ACS 2.0.1 Custom Advanced Combat System

Gun System! ACS 2.0.1 Custom Advanced Combat System

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Hello and welcome to the British Armed Forces News! This is an informative post to let the Community our next plans regarding topics about the update that’s coming. In this article the whole plan decided by the Overseeing Board about Gun System will be made public. Here is all the info, verified by the Secret Intelligence Service and the Media Department of United Kingdom Government fom British Armed Forces Roblox Military Roleplay.

Gun System

As it’s obviously, we decided to use ACS 2.0.1 as the Gun System in the game. It is a well-known system used in many games for simulators and roleplays. The system is also very advanced, but we made it a simplified version.

⁍ Crosshair

On the date of 29/08/2023 a poll took place deciding if we should have a crosshair while holding a gun or not. If yes, then what kind of crosshair, and what color should it be? Sadly, the votes were not a lot, and in the end, polls ended with 13 votes for a dot as a crosshair and 5 votes for the color white. (•)

⁍ System Modifications

Since the main purpose for the ACS 2.0.1 is not Roleplay game style, we had to make changes to make it easier to use and a simplified version of realism, that is still real close to reality.

• We have deleted the Posing GUI on the bottom right corner because it was useless, and it was also taking a lot of space from the display.

• We decided to keep the Drowning System, and also the Falling Damage, for Pathfinder Platoons, in case they forget to take a parachute, they are a dead hope. Falling from the plane does not look like a thing you could survive from without a parachute. PFP and other regiments… Be careful out there…

• Stamina, Hunger and Thirst has been removed, as we do not want a cooldown when you are trying to jump. Thirst and Hunger was way to out of the game, because whenever you needed food, and you couldn’t eat, your aim and gun started to tremble and shake which made the whole shooting experience really annoying.

• Med and Healing System Removed as well. You won’t be able to use Medial items and realistic injuries because you cannot bleed, or stuff like that. It will be simple damage; you heal the normal way.

• Custom Guns. The ACS 2.0.1 Gun system did not have enough guns, and also, the guns that were already in there, are not the kind of gun we needed. This is why, every regiment will get a main weapon, and a pistol made by us. (All regiments will use a similar gun as the ones in real life.) Some guns are already done, like Sig Sauer 9mm P226, Heckler HK416, LMG as a machinegun, Suppressed UPS, C8 Carbine and much more.

• Attachments. This is not specifically a system modification, but all the guns come with attachments just like in real life, that are actually working. As examples, Bipod will decrease the recoil and gun impact, AN/PEQ works as a Laser, Flashlight and Infrared, Suppressors, and much more just like Vertical Grip or Scopes/Sights such as Acog, PM II and so on.

Skin Ideas

Now you want to pay extra attention because this is the nice part of the ACS guns. Introducing to British Armed Forces SKINS! Yeah that is right, more info below!

First of all, here is a definition when I say Bundle/Pack. A pack/bundle is something that contains multiple things in it from the same area. Now that you understood, I will show you some Skin Packs that we have made, so you can understand even better what I mean.

Camo Gun Skin Pack 🎖

This pack contains the majority of the guns. Different from others, that will be only on specific guns, like non-regimental guns. Here is just a showcase of how the skin looks on multiple gun types.

Nebula Neon Gun Skin Pack 🌌

Only for guns that can be purchased by civilians. Regimental guns not included. Price will be higher same for rarity.

Soldier Guns 💂‍♂️

The Soldier guns are Membership only gun skins. Only way to obtain them is by buying one of the gamepasses from the store. Low rarity.

Thank you for reading all the pack that we have at the moment, but wait! We are not done yet! Here is the rest of the idea you don’t want to miss!

The guns will have pretty much rarities and different prices depending on that. Rarity will be set by how rare the skins are. At the moment, we did not decided all the rarities and prices, but that is yet to come soon. More examples: Water Gun Skin Pack. Price 200 – Uncommon. Winter Skin Pack price ??? Uncommon as well. Names to be changed!

Thank you for reading the article and the time you stood here. I hope you understood all of informations I wrote, and more details are always on Discord.

Stay tuned! More to come soon!

The Overseeing Board
Media Department
British Armed Forces ©

(If you notice any mistakes or things that need added/changed please contact a member of the Media Partner.)

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