British Armed Forces

Divisional and Regimental Information

United Kingdom Special Forces
Special Air Service

Special Air Service is a regiment part of the United Kingdom Special Forces where flying and operations in the air are the main combat ways. Fight on grounds, use helicopters to assault different locations or even aircrafts that must be captured. Spying, diving in the sky during the middle of the night no matter what, all their actions are secret, hidden and classified.

Special Reconnaissance Regiment

Special Reconnaissance Regiment, is a special reconnaissance unit of the British Armed Forces (UKSF). SRR is deployed in many of missions such like Counter Terrorism (CT), infiltrating in a base during the night, scout, capture and save civilians from terrorism cities that were taken. It’s know as an unit for infiltrating and operational procedures.

Special Boat Service

Special Boat Service is mainly made for any water operations or any kind of operations where water is part of it. From transporting, and using water force, boats, aircraft carriers to underwater missions and island security. SBS is also part of Special Forces of UK.

United Kingdom Government
Justice Ministry

The Justice Ministry has the purpose to make sure the law is always followed by everyone! We have judges to handle cases and deal with courtroom. Join Justice Department if you want to become a judge and serve justice for the British Armed Forces.

Defence Ministry

We are tasked to keep the British Armed Forces safe from all threats. We stabilize relations with externals, work with MI6 and make British Armed Forces a safe place for everyone. We take the lead in case of a war.

Media Ministry

As Media Department, we make all the news, and ensure British Armed Forces Community is up to date with everything, with the help of newspapers and televisions channels where we are LIVE.

16th Air Assault Brigade
Air Army Corps

The main air combatant regiment. They control the whole sky, tasked from transporting, patrolling, all the way to fighting, operations, and kamikaze! They operate with Jets, Helicopters, and everything is monotonized/approved by the ATC- Air Traffic Control.

Pathfinder Platoon

JUMP! JUMP! Skydive from the sky, and attack! Don’t forget your parachute and your gun! They are sometimes deployed from Military Planes, flown by the AAC with the ATC approval to attack, scout, infiltrate in enemies territory.

Royal Military Police
Gate Protection Unit

The Gate Protection Unit specialises in monitoring the outside perimeter of a building that‘s closed off to the public. The Gate Protection Unit members will guard gates throughout the map and help protect those inside of the building but prevent crime from happening near or around the gate/building as well.

Royal Grenadier Guards

The Royal Grenadier Guards specialise in combat and physical movement throughout the game. They will protect VIP members such as the Royal Family. The Royal Grenadier Guards are just one of the few Senior Infantry units in the group. They often specialise in international operations and help during war if necessary.

Special Investigation Branch

The Special Investigation Branch conducts criminal investigations that involve Police and Civilians that have resulted in a serious injury, death of allegations against one. The Special Investigation Branch also conducts investigations into active police personnel and to members outside of the normal chain of command.

Educational Services
Education Training Services

It is the main training regiment in the British Armed Forces tasked with training low-ranks also known as divisionless/enlistees. It usually host Basic Military Trainings (OR-1 -> OR-2) but it has more planned in the future.

University Officer Training Corps

The UOTC is tasked with training the higher ranks, especially officers or, trainings from enlisted to officers. You can only join within it with applications, and/or by being OF-1+ It is one of the most disciplined regiments, and they are mainly hosting trainings from Enlisted->Officer

1st Armoured Division
1st Battalion The Rifles
A Regular Light Infantry Roled Battalion is the 1st Rifles. It functions as part of the 1st Armored Division and is constantly prepared to deploy on operations and training missions anywhere in the base. We also ask RTR and 4RGR for assistance, and during lockdown drills, we always provide it promptly and help one another out.
Royal Tank Regiment

Military tank support is provided by the Royal Tank Regiment (RTR). Numerous different vehicles, including Humvees, APCs, Tanks, Armored Cars are operated by the RTR. The RTR provides ground support, and we drive the majority of military vehicles. When assistance is required, RTR can help with both artillery and fighting. RTR makes an effort to be as supportive and available as we can.

Royal Gurkha Rifles

The British Armed Forces‘ Royal Gurkha Battalion [4RGR] is a rifle regiment that is a member of the Brigade of Gurkhas. Soldiers for this regiment of the British Armed Forces are drawn from Nepal, a country that is independent of the UK and is not a part of the Commonwealth. Extreme conditions, one of the main combatant regiments.

Secret Intelligence Service
Secret Intelligence Service

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), is a foreign intelligence agency of the United Kingdom. With lots of authority, it operates under the jurisdiction of the British government, Overseeing Board, and the Secret Intelligence Service Headquarters. The primary role of the Secret Intelligence Service is to gather and analyze intelligence from overseas sources. The MI6 is known for its secrecy, most of its work is classified and hidden from the public.