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News – What Happened? Summer Edition ☀⛱

News – What Happened? Summer Edition ☀⛱

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Hello and welcome to the news of August, a summary of the summer events news that took place throughout the entire period. This is an informative article named “News” because it will include everything.


In June, the British Armed Forces had a significant makeover with updates that brought about many changes and improvements to the game itself. Additionally, the update process went smoothly within the Studio, and the same can be said for some of the regiments. The Secret Intelligence Service experienced significant growth and became one of the most advanced and progressive divisions of the summer.

Elections also started around that period. The campaign held 1 week, time for the Prime Minister Candidates to make themselves well known and present to the public the changes they might bring by voting them. At the end of the campaign a period of 1 week people, the British Armed Forces Personnel had the chance of voting the Prime Minister they want to win in Elections. In the end, the votes were really close, but the winner of Prime Minister position was Yeppybt. Once he won the elections, he gladly expressed more of his ideas to the public. Now you may wonder, what will Yeppybt – The Prime Minister will bring? In case you have that question, here is a list of stuff he wants to implement in the British Armed Forces Community.

• To recognize and reward active troops for their commitment and diligence, I will bring the personnel of the week, regiment of the week, and division of the week awards.

• I will open elections for the Royal Family and add a residence for them in the base.

• I’m will bring activity to the as we need to grow the community and free up higher positions that are filled by inactive personnel.

• I will update every regiment’s bases and make sure that their leaders are satisfied with their regiments base.

• I will listen to all of your suggestions, take them deeply and try to implement them into the game.

• Most importantly I will serve the game with all my effort and make sure that everyone gets a chance to show their skills.”

Well at the end of summer I can happily say that has done some of the thing he promised, but some of them are actually not a choice, and more rather personnel missing. The success of the Prime Minister would’ve been higher if more personnel would join the British Armed Forces. With this being said, we will move on to the July on the What Happened? Summer Edition ☀⛱ – how I like to call this article.


The July month didn’t seem to have such a good results as June. Long story short, it was a summer for everyone! We all have a break, and this is what happened! Events were held more rarely, less active people, and mostly a period of free time and summer. Most people were gone in vacation or other places away from home which didn’t let them be as active as usually.


In my opinion, if we are talking about August, the best month of summer. You may wonder why was it the best? Well Here is a list of stuff that happened.

First off, we started implementing a new idea that we were working for months before. You are right, it’s the Gun Skins! Since we finally had a success on making it happen, we thought a lot about skins, skin packs and many more related to the development of British Armed Forces. The idea will be explained more wide in the Discord, and there will also be a separate article about it just to make it all clear for people to understand it. All I am saying about Skins, is that you will love the idea. It will play a huge role on the website too! Stay tuned, we are close!

Second, we had a pretty big member grow period just few days/weeks ago. We got in 1-2 days from 120 members all the way up to almost 140 members. 140 may not seem a big number, but it still was something we needed. Because people joined, more regiments were filled up with new people which mean more documents are on it’s way to be done.

And not the last, Instagram account for British Armed Forces was opened. Twitter and Instagram got more posts as well, and they actually have some progress. You should definitely check them, because there are posted memes about British Armed Forces that you’d like.

Lastly, week discounts took place as well. We have over 50% off to most of the Soldier gamepasses! You should check their perks and I am sure you’d buy one instantlly! Hurry up before it closes! Only few days left.

Well, I guess this was all for now? In the end British Armed Forces managed to get back on it’s feet, we grew in members, update had progress and we are doing good.

Peace, and stay safe out there! Stay tuned for more really soon!
Plans ahead,

The Overseeing Board
Media Department
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(You may notice any Overseeing Board members or members in charge if you see anything that needs to be changed/added to the post.)

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