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Newspaper 001

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Newspaper 001

British Armed Forces – Media Department
4.18.2023 – Tuesday

Hello everyone, this is the brand new British Armed Forces newsletter there will be a new edition of the newspaper every week or every fortnight. It will include the latest news, events that are happening, open positions in regiments, elections, government news, all the updates, and even the change logs! Everything the Overseeing Board is doing, it will also be posted here by the 🎥 Media Department. With this being said, stay tuned and check the website for news regularly!

Wedge Topic

On Saturday the biggest wedge in British Armed Forces history was formed, with the help of our personnel. Over the next two weeks, there are so many things happening! We have planned an inspection, two updates only one weekend apart, and loads of other cool events to come. Make sure you can attend these events for a chance at promotion. We got inspections, game nights, events, contests, rewards, inviting contests and even more!

Website Topic

You may already know that there is a British Armed Forces – website under constructions. The website will have a lot of nice features, and cool stuff you really want to see! You will be able to have your own profile with customizable information in your About section, meta. You will be able to customize your profile and banner, the Generals, Divisional leads, Overseeing Board and Headquarters can post divisional news, announcements and stuff like that. You can also edit your status to online, idle, busy or offline plus many more cool features. If it weren’t for the amazing Thelosua101 we might not have had an amazing website like this.

Inspection Topic

The first BAF inspection is getting closer so make sure you are ready for it. It will be held this weekend, and all of the Headquarters are counting on you to be there! It will be an amazing memory in British Armed Forces history, you could be one of the only personnel that will get to say that they attended the first-ever inspection! remember to be professional, and follow the document pinned in baf-documents channel. There might also be an after-party with fun games, lots of laughter and great memories.

Airport Update Topic

I am sure we are all hyped up for the airport update! Sadly, the Development Team and Overseeing Board couldn’t finish it in time, but because of that, we are getting two updates two weekends in a row! This is the time to join the Air Assault Brigade, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the airport! The update will include bigger and better runways, better taxiways, some new aircrafts, and lots, lots more. There will be a nice event right when the update will be published so everyone can see and enjoy it at first. The BAF Admin Command Regulations should still be respected, because the Moderation Team and Overseeing Board will still give warns / Verbal warns, or even strikes.

Regimental-Divisional Topic

Lots of the regiments are looking for personnel so here are some open positions at the moment:

United Kingdom Special Forces: Needs OF-6 to OF-2 please look in open-positions for more information and if you are interested please DM [OF-9] DarkestRaySystem

Royal Grenadier Guards: Needs an OF-6 and OF-5 please look in open-positions for more information and if you are interested please DM StoneKnight5303 or Kobe2346665d

There are lots more open-position at the moment these are just a few but if you are interested in others you can DM the head of regiments and look at open-positions.

A special thanks to all of the developers for helping make all of the updates happen, to the regimental staff trying to make documents and recruit personnel, and a very special thanks to [OF-7] yeppybt for writing this newsletter. Make read next weeks.

This was the newspaper, so stay tuned for the next week. The British Armed Forces Leads are trying their best to create an enjoyable community and a place where you want to stay.

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